Welcome to Common Service Center Rajabpur

Almost 16,300 more than the entire state Government in Uttar Pradesh Common Service Centers was established in 2012 in the same Village Panchayat in rural areas, the goal of all governmental and other services which enable the benefits as Income certificates, Caste certificates, Domicile certificates, PAN card, Passport, Voter Identity card, Ration card, Birth certificates, death certificates, Pension, National Pension, depending on the card, the online Computer & English Speaking, other Education service, Government job preparation, Mobile SMS to all Government Jobs or email information, training, Electronics Product order service with home delivery available etc.

       Yet all these Common Service Centers registered by the Government of India to cover the OMT Id established, Operators of the Center was put into the computer, the Software, And by 2013 almost all of the entire state were registered by the Government Common Service Centers.

        Government Services

The first Department of the Common Service Center Rajabpur Government Department Services such as Income Certificate, Caste Certificate, Domicile Certificate, PAN Card, Passport, Identity Card, Ration Card, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Vidwa Pension, Old age Pension, National Pension, UID card, etc.

     Education Services

The second Department of the Common Service Center Rajabpur Education Department Services such as Online Digital Computer Education, Online Digital English Speaking Education, Online Digital  Cricket Education and other courses online admission process forward, etc.

      Private Services

The Third Department of the Common Service Center Rajabpur Private Department Services such as Promotion Service,Government Job SMS Alert Service, PVC UID  Card Service,  Web Development Service, as well as to achieve a variety Product online Order Service etc.